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Mega SaaS Deals

Win Big Ticket Deals with major global businesses

This Mastermind runs over 5 days : 2 hour Zoom sessions each day

Are you suffering from ....

  • ~ Unsatisfactory sales performance by your team?
  • ~ Unsatisfactory conversion rates from your leads?
  • ~ Unsatisfactory ARR (annual recurring revenue)?

Join this 4 day, 8 hour Big SaaS Deals Mastermind to develop another level of sales mastery, increase your ARR and ultimately raise the value of your SaaS Business.

Join Today - Only USD $997

Here's what you'll discover in just 4 sessions

  • How to take your understanding of SaaS to a whole new level

  • Selling SaaS in a competitive market will become easier and as you put these frameworks into place, you will thrive.

  • What it really takes for your to win a deal

  • You will see the power you have right now, that you are not using to win each and every deal.

  • Had a great demo, but never heard back? Find out what your buyers REALLY think of it

  • You will learn how to see through an organisation's buying process and always know what is going on. 

  • Discover why demos fail even when they seem to be positive

  • You will learn why your presenting style has its limitations and how to become more effective.

  • How to reverse the 'death spirals' of follow ups

  • How you follow up is key to maintaining the momentum and getting the deals signed at the values you want.

  • Always get asked for price justification? Discover the justification traps to avoid

  • You will learn to flip the pricing examination to your advantage and help educate along the way.

  • Avoid your contract and security review prolems

  • Learn how to navigate legal and security reviews with such ease and professionalism that it becomes a competitive advantage.

  • How to correctly incentivise your sales and account management teams

  • You will see where to make corrections to drive sales forward, increase upsells and reduce churn.

  • How to grow unstoppable sales and account management teams

  • You will learn how sales and account management teams thrive within an ecosystem that is built on developing capability.

  • Discover two secret ingredients to turn around under-performing sales teams

  • You will be amazed by some of the simple things that make the most impact in your sales performance.  Proven to work!

So...  How Does It Work?

Sell Your SaaS Challenge is unlike any SaaS Sales Training you will have encountered. 

This is built for Founders, CEOs and Sales Leaders to get more insight, understanding and control over the sales engine within their SaaS Business. 

It is a live interactive Zoom meeting with SaaS Master Trainer Simon Small over 4 days for two hours a day. 

You will be amazed at the progress you make during and between each session. Each day your mastery builds.

The Challenge is intense and you should have no distractions. There will be homework every day. 

If you know you have more to learn when it comes to SaaS Sales, then you owe it to yourself to get a greater set of distinctions from someone who has truly mastered SaaS selling.  

Want to solve your SaaS Sales Challenges?

Jump aboard now before the timer reaches zero.

This is the last challenge for 2020! Finish strong.









Do you want to start winning more, bigger and longer deals? 

Join the Big SaaS Deals Mastermind today

....and start breaking your SaaS deals records!

Join Today! Only USD $997

Here's what else you'll get access to today!

Sell Your SaaS Challenge

Private Facebook Group Access

Want to continue your SaaS sales journey with your peer group?

You'll get exclusive lifetime access to the Sell Your SaaS Challenge Private Facebook Group which will allow you to stay connected to your fellow participants. 

(Priceless Value)

So... What's The Catch?

There are no catches - except we know you are going to fall in love with our SaaS Elevator training. That is our ulterior motive as we help you become the world-leading SaaS Business in your category. This Challenge is a "give-back" to help you make the most of Simon Small's vast experience selling SaaS all over the world at the highest level of organisation across a vast array of industries.  This is all new content that is unavailable elsewhere, but it is tried and tested. Use this opportunity (in what could easily be sold as a $10,000 program), to bring together your Founders, CEOs and Sales Leaders for a deep dive. From working extensively with Founders & CEOs, Simon discovered so many gaps in understanding. This Challenge addresses those gaps. Take the time to transplant this knowledge and embed it so that your SaaS Sales start to fire at a level you only dreamed of.

Meet your SaaS Master Trainer

Simon Small.  

Simon has personally sold:

  • ~ $35m in SaaS revenue
  • ~ $3m SaaS Mega-Deal (1 client)
  • ~ to the largest companies in the world  

Simon has been instrumental in building two world-leading SaaS Businesses (with a combined value of around $4bn today). Along his journey to get incredible sales results, he mastered the art of Selling SaaS. To help you get there also, he created the Sell Your SaaS Challenge to help Founder, CEOs and Sales Leaders to get outstanding results with their SaaS Sales!  

Despite this success he's also been through these tough times, and came out the other side successfully

  • Global crisis, to coming through it

  • Cost cutting, to rebuilding from scratch

  • Being #2 in the market, to becoming #1

  • Ideal customers disengaged, to wanting it  

  • Guesswork in sales process, to complete clarity

  • Failing to reach sales targets, to over-achieving

Sell Your SaaS Challenge will help you move through these stages to become a world class Sales Leader.

So... How Does It Work?

Simon’s sales credentials for SaaS are outstanding and his proven methods are relevant to all SaaS companies today. This is not just about enterprise SaaS or the direct sales model. All SaaS Businesses will learn from this.

Simon set up the UK, Europe, Middle-East and African business for a fast-growing US SaaS Business and broke global company records for:

  • Total Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) signed by a Salesperson

  • Amount of ARR per SaaS contract

  • Amount of years per SaaS contact

  • His SaaS sales playbook led to 80% of the target market (FTSE 100 companies) taking up the SaaS solution in what was a complex consultative sales process. He signed the first 30 FTSE 100 companies and then hired and trained the team to succeed him (who are all there 8 years later). This is now a multi-billion dollar SaaS Business (www.diligent.com).

    Simon went on to co-found an AI SaaS Business (www.arria.com) where he signed a $3-5m multi-year deal with a global corporation and was quoted on the front page of the Financial Times of London, in part because Arria had also just gone public.  Arria is widely acknowledged today as the world's leading AI business in the field of NLG (Natural Language Generation).

    Simon has been instrumental in these two world-leading SaaS Businesses (worth a combined value of around $4bn today) and has developed the necessary skills to get incredible sales results. 

    This Sell Your SaaS Challenge is for Founders, CEOs and Sales Leaders like you to replicate these outstanding results with your SaaS Sales and become world-leading SaaS Businesses in your category!

    Want to solve your SaaS Sales Challenges?

    Jump aboard now before the time reaches zero









    Do you want to increase your ARR and transform your SaaS demos and sales?

    Join the Big SaaS Deals Mastermind today

    ....and have solid action plans to win bigger SaaS deals!

    Join Today! Only USD $997

    What Others Say About Simon's Training...

    Matty Blomfield, CEO/FOUNDER


    "Simon opened my eyes to the areas that build a SaaS business. He put each component into perspective, helped me understand where I’m at and what I can work on to make the biggest impact in our growth. His training was inspiring and I believe it will have a multimillion dollar impact over time.."

    Andrew Mayfield, CEO

    Optimal Workshop

    "This year we will become a $10m ARR SaaS Business and working with Simon I can for the first time clearly see how we can and will reach $100m ARR. His impact is not just in sales, but shows up in how I view the business in its entirety. Think of Simon as The SaaS Whisperer. "

    Rich McLeod, CEO/Founder


    "Simon has changed the way we approach our SaaS sales. He reviewed our existing process and advised on immediate changes we could implement. Our demos are now so much more effective. Invaluable, practical training that is having a significant positive impact on our conversion rates and ARR."

    Join today for only USD $197

    ... and get 8 hours of Master Training to transform your SaaS Deals!

    Enroll Now. Only $997 USD

    Your Questions Answered

    Q.1 Is this for sales people, CEOs or Founders?

    Yes. All of the above! It is designed for Founder/CEOs who are at any stage of their SaaS Business. They could be starting out selling to their first client, or have $10m ARR and a mature sales team. Sales Leaders (people who are selling SaaS or managing others who sell SaaS) will get a lot out of participating. We welcome multiple people from the same company and encourage you to register separately, so you can have your own screen and access to all of the materials (including the private Facebook Group).

    Q.2 What would I get out of attending?

    You will increase insight, understanding and controls around your SaaS sales. Specifically, these are the aims for your time at Sell Your SaaS Challenge: 1) Understand your own sales capability personally and that of your company. 2) Clarify where you are going to make the greatest impact in sales in the shortest period of time. 3) See the landscape of your competition and your ideal clients with more clarity. 4) Create a process that allows you to win against your competitors consistently. 5) Create a tactical plan to improve your sales performance. 6) Build a sales capability that improves over time.

    Q.3 What financial return would I get from attending the Sell Your SaaS Challenge?

    Every SaaS Business is different, however based on past attendees at our events, they see an impact on both retention and monthly/annual ARR, which impacts valuation. The flow-on effects compound month on month, quarter on quarter, year on year, raise on raise. Try considering the cost of waiting.  Specifically we will help impact the journey from first contact through to signature and handover to implementation through to the first renewal of the contract.  Your SaaS Business prospers when you address all of the leaks in the flow and find the parts where customers and revenue drops out.  We will be addressing squarely the sales process, head on.

    Q.4 Is this for sales models that are B to C or B to B; is it for Small-Medium Business or Enterprise customers; is it for automated sales online or direct sales using sales people?

    Yes. All of the above!  The frameworks are mostly from Simon’s B to B, Enterprise, Direct Sales experience but they really are applicable because no matter what your sales model, there are always partner / affiliate / volume deals to be done. Automated online sales processes assume a lot about the buying process which does not necessarily prove out when you examine how real-life face-to-face (screen-to-screen) selling works. There is a lot of value to be gleaned from the Challenge even if you are pursuing a different sales model.

    Q.5 How does this compare to say, going to a conference?

    Our experience of attending conferences is that it typically involves passively engaging with presented material and picking the eyes out of sessions and conversations (sometimes travel). Conferences can deliver value, sometimes it is questionable, and we have all sat wishing we could leave the session because it is not serving our needs. Sell Your SaaS Challenge by contrast is high impact, interactive, tailored to your needs, immersive and takes place in a high trust environment with a group of like-minded high performing SaaS Founder/CEOs and Sales Leaders. All the participants in this online Zoom are on the same journey and each brings their own experience and perspective to the Challenge. In short, a ton more value and a ton more fun!

    Q.6 How do we know that this is right for our SaaS Business?

    Every company has its strengths and blind spots. The DNA that makes up your company is unique. When it comes to sales the hardest thing is to be able to see where you are going wrong or weakest. We help identify and work on these blindspots with you.  If you are serious about making progress then this is the right place.  If you know you can be doing more and improving, then this is the right place.  Remember, the distinctions and frameworks that are being taught at this Challenge are different from what you've heard or read.  Also, this Challenge is designed as a fully interactive experience, so no-one gets left behind.

    Q.7 Why should I do this now and not sometime later?

    With the Sell Your SaaS Challenge, you will go through some fundamental shifts that get into the heart of your Sales Process. It is about impacting your revenue and your retention (Simon’s clients had less than 2% churn at Diligent) which ultimately impacts your valuation. The content is original, based on Simon’s vast experience performing at the highest level and you will not find these frameworks anywhere else. The sooner you do the Sell Your SaaS Challenge, the sooner you can impact your sales quarter and be on track to become a World Leader.

    Q.8 How would you suggest I justify the business case to someone paying for me to attend?

    Send them these FAQs or just copy and paste this: "I have to keep training to keep bringing new skills into the DNA of the organisation. One thing top SaaS Businesses have in common is a relentless pursuit of training and development. Simon is a Master Trainer, engaged by the NZ Government, and he started selling SaaS online back in 2007. The learnings from how to convert large global companies to sign-up to a small fleeting SaaS Business are vast and are still pertinent today. We should all go do this Challenge!"  

    Q.9 If it is this good, why is it so cheap?

    This course could sell for $10,000 and the ROI would pay for itself in a very short amount of time. Simon wants you to enjoy the Challenge he has built, embrace it and make a massive impact in your SaaS Business. Then, once you have discovered how incredibly valuable our training is, well then we have gotten to know each other a little better. Be rest assured though, there is no holding back in this Challenge, you will get massive returns, despite the price-tag!

    Q.10 What is a Challenge?

    A Challenge is a type of immersion training event that is done in a short burst of time to help participants get results in a particular area: in this case Selling Your SaaS.  They have gained in popularity in 2020, so you may have seen promotions from Tony Robbins or Dean Graziosi.  The first type of SaaS Sales Challenge we have come across has been - um - this one!  Enjoy the challenge of this Challenge!

    I can't wait to see you on this SaaS Sales Challenge









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    There's no risk in taking part in this challenge.  Simply email us at [email protected] within an hour of Day One finishing to request your refund. 

    Disclaimer: Any implied success factors are not guaranteed and depend on your circumstances as well as your ability to take action.

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